Due to the huge popularity of The Warsaw House of Lords services, we have introduced many solutions that make it easier for Clients to manage their reservations. Visits can be arranged, moved or canceled manually and also with our assistance via telephone, e-mail, FB messenger, SMS and using the online booking system. We also run a „waiting list” for customers who would like to have services at a given time, but barbers’ schedules are full.

Despite all of these, there are situations in which Clients do not inform us about the planned absence or we receive information just before the scheduled date of the meeting. We cannot react quickly enough so that someone else can come for the visit.

In order to minimize this type of situations which are uncomfortable for both sides, we kindly ask you to cancel appointments at the latest 12 hours before the visit. You can inform us about your cancellation by phone, e-mail or SMS. Visits that are not canceled or canceled in a shorter period will be charged with a booking fee of 50% of the price. The payment should be made before the next visit.