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Warszawska Izba Lordów

Warszawska Izba Lordów (The Warsaw House of Lords) is a barber shop in the centre of Warsaw. It is a place for men who do not compromise when it comes to their appearence. Our knowledge, skills and engagement precisely target your needs so that you feel well taken care of. Our outstanding interior design and a cup of freshly brewed coffee or traditional English tea will help you relax and tune into a good mood.

We combine tradition with modern manners, experience with progress and content with form to provide the best service for our clients. In The Warsaw House of Lords you can be sure to get a perfect haircut, beard trim, facial treatment or traditional wet shave. Our best efforts are made to obtain and use original world class quality cosmetics. We use only products which we believe in and which carry a signature of style: Gentleman's Tonic, Pall Mall Barbers, Geo F. Trumper are all brands which we are proud to stock. Our experienced barbers will take care of your hair style and make sure your skin is in perfect condition. In our constant desire to improve, we have partnered up with the most competent experts in barbering from London, Dubai and Mediolan.

The Warsaw House of Lords is a place we searched for but our vision could not be met. Our motivation, as owners is to satisfy our customer’s needs; you can and should rely on us for high standards.

The Warsaw House of Lords is the gentlemen’s place you have been looking for since you became a man.

Our Barbers



True barbering artist, paying attention to every detail of his work. As a barber and hair stylist is appreciated by clients for a distinctive approach, impeccable precision and extraordinary understanding of what they intend to do about their hair style. Adrian is one of the most respected barbers on (...)

Łukasz Suchecki

Łukasz Suchecki

Łukasz Suchecki is a barber from Olsztyn with 10 years of experience, whose incredible enthusiasm and passion for barbering go hand in hand with technical possibilities. Łukasz spent the majority of his Barber career in British Crewe - near Manchester, where for over 5 years he worked and (...)




Barber with 13 years of experience. His passion to barbering has started in London, where he has been improving his technique and soaking up the atmosphere of a British barber shop. A true enthusiast of men’s elegance and classic skin fade haircuts. A virtuoso of a razor who (...)



He has been a barber for over 13 years. He is a medalist of the national polish championship and was a representative of the European Barbering Championship in France. He is an expert in classic haircuts and beard grooming. Big enthusiast of a James Bond style.




Kajetan has been in the barbering industry since the 2011. He comes from Wrocław, however last two years he has worked in Warsaw. He specifies his style as classic, deriving from 20’s and 30’s with elements of modern pompadour. He is an enthusiast of craft and style of (...)


Lord’s Haircut and finish100 zł

Your hair will be cleansed and conditioned, followed by a scalp massage and a haircut and finish.

Lord’s wet shave – prep facial & traditional wet shave180 zł

Your face is cleansed, toned, soothed and hydrated in preparation for our ultimate wet shave. Then using the finest ingredients your face is shaved and swathed in steaming hot towels.

Traditional wet shave110 zł

For the ultimate shaving experience, discover being shaved by an expert using Gentlemen’s Tonics’ award winning products and swathed in steaming hot towels.

Lord’s beard trim – with a razor100 zł

After a consultation with the barber, your beard will be trimmed using classic methods and cut-throat razor.

Beard trim70 zł

After a consultation with the barber, your beard will be trimmed using classic methods.

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We are very meticulous in choosing the brands to partner up. We offer only the outstanding products and solutions which quality has been prooven by the presence on demanding markets. We partner up with brands that have the same values like credibility, respect for tradition, intransigence and style.



Pall Mall Barbers have been in existence for more than 100 years. It is a brand created by experienced barbers who have created the products of a quality they couldn’t find on the market.They have a luxurious range of products such as men's shaving products, shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams, beard oils and even colognes. Traditional grooming products in a modern manner.


Truefitt & Hill

With experience of over 210 years of barbering tradition Truefitt & Hill grooming products are well known all over the world. We offer a range of luxury essentials to choose from, experience the quality in each product from this true British brand.



A unique establishment founded in the heart of Mayfair in London, has created an exclusive range of grooming products with the discerning in mind using a combination of traditional and new formulations and the highest quality ingredients.

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Izba Lordów - store

A unique offer in Poland with wide range of shaving, grooming and skincare products created by world famous british brands - Pall Mall Barbers, Gentlemen's Tonic, Geo.F. Trumper or Trueftitt & Hill. All cosmetics have been chosen by our Master Barber and are used in daily work in The Warsaw House of Lords (Warszawska Izba Lordów). Our clients have known and appreciated highly the brands. Others are welcome to try.

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The name Gentlemen’s Tonic reflects two aspects: Gentlemen’s indicates that the business is dedicated exclusively to the needs of men and Tonic signifies the restorative properties of the brand experience. Their philosophy is understated, self confident and provides the opportunity for clients to experience the highest level of dedicated care and attention. Award-winning Babassu & Bergamot product line was launched in early 2008, is designed to also be used for home grooming needs and is entirely free from synthetic materials, harmful chemical additives and parabens.

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