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A true barbering artist, Adrian pays attention to every detail of his work. As both barber and hair stylist, he is appreciated by clients for his distinctive approach, impeccable precision and extraordinary understanding of what customers intend to do about their hair style.

Adrian is one of the most respected barbers on the scene, who has gained his experience during unique training in London and work in the oldest barber shop in Poland.
Critical and demanding from himself and others. In The Warsaw House of Lords he is responsible for the highest standard of services. His characteristic long moustache are the expression of his admiration of style and artistic heritage of Salvador Dali.

Co-owner and Master Barber of The Warsaw House of Lords.

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Kajetan has been in the barbering industry since the 2011. He comes from Wrocław, however, in the last two years he has worked in Warsaw. He specifies his style as classic, deriving from 1920’s and 1930’s with elements of modern pompadour. He is an enthusiast of craft and style of the world famous British hairdresser, Vidal Sasson. When Kajetan is not barbering he likes to cook or snowboard. He perceives a true gentlemen as a person of a noble spirit with high standards of personal behaviour. Kajetan is a great asset to The Warsaw House of Lords team.

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Adrian Ruskowiak – a barber from Warsaw, for whom the real classics are the 80s and 90s. He likes both loose “crop” hairstyles and elegant “side parties”. He loves movies, especially when there are explosions, beautiful women and a Ferrari Testarossa. His greatest passion is sport, especially martial arts. He is an amateur MMA fighter. You will meet him on a daily basis in the salons of the Warsaw House of Lords at ul. Wspólna and in Elektrownia Powiśle.

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Daniel Radkovich is an very talented barber with 6 years of experience. He inherited the talent for barbering in his genes, as he comes from a family that has been taking care of the hairstyles of the inhabitants of Brest for many generations. Daniel uses various hair and beard cutting techniques with surgical precision, but also with impressive lightness, making him an expert for both short and long hairstyles. He describes his style as old school with modern accents. After work, he loves riding a bike, discovering beautiful places in Warsaw.
With Daniel you can communicate freely in English and consult your hairstyle in Polish. Book an appointment at the salon at ul. Wspólna or Elektrownia Powiśle.

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Aleksander Maksimowicz – a 28-year-old barber who became fascinated with barbering at the age of 16! He trained and worked first in Mińsk in Belarus, in Mińsk Mazowiecki, and later in Warsaw. He specializes in classic men’s side part hairstyles. He also likes sculpting both thick beards and shaded beards. He draws some of his inspiration from his favorite series, Peaky Blinders. Aleksander is extremely precise, he pays attention to every detail of the hairstyle. He spends his free time playing football, which is his greatest passion after barbering. His favorite position on the pitch is in the middle of the midfield, where he can support his team both in attack and defense.

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Serhii Shovkun – experienced barber with 22 years of experience. He developed the perfect hair and beard cutting technique during many years of study and training in St. Petersburg, Moscow, London, Zadar and Kiev. He draws inspiration for his work from numerous trips, walks around the city and observing people. He likes good cinema and theater – especially in the company of his children. Serhii invites you to his barber chair in the Warsaw House of Lords at the Elektrownia Powiśle.

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Barber with 15 years of experience. His passion for the profession was born in London, where for many years he practiced his technique and absorbed the atmosphere of the British barber shop. A lover of men’s elegance and classic hairstyles layered from scratch. A true razor virtuoso. He likes geometrically sculpted beards and clearly defined facial hair contours. His favorite cutting techniques are over comb and scissors cut. He loves the world of tattoos, good cinema and mountain trips. Preferably with his family.

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Marek Zdun is a barber with 16 years of experience. He learned men’s hairdressing in Olsztyn, where for 8 years he worked under the supervision of the Matracki brothers, multiple winners in international hairdressing competitions. To continue developing hairdressing techniques, he moved to Warsaw and after completing additional courses, he started working at the Berendowicz-Kublin Academy. He specializes in classic men’s hairstyles. He is famous for his perfectionism and attention to every detail. In his free time, Marek devotes himself to his family and his second passion after hairdressing, which is snooker. As he says, in snooker, just like in barbering, precision is key.

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Vitalii Leskov – a barber from Ukraine with many years of experience, who decided to move to Warsaw three years ago. From an early age, Vitalii demonstrated above-average manual skills, which allowed him to quickly master the most difficult hairdressing techniques. He treats barbering not only as a job, but above all as his passion. It is distinguished by a pragmatic approach to haircuts. He loves animals. Vitalii spends every free moment with his beloved dog Busia. Book an appointment with Vitalii at the Elektrownia Powiśle.

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Mateusz Gałek – he has been working to the Warsaw House of Lords for 4 years. Hair cutting is his true passion, thanks to which, after several years of practice and hundreds of hours of work, he became a barber at the House of Lords. He specializes in skin-fade, quiff and side parts. Animal lover, passionate about video games, Arthurian legends and Batman comics.

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